, having swooned Rachel Lindsay into giving him her first impression rose and, more recently, making out with her all over Geneva and moving on to hometown dates.But this isn't Bryan's first time wooing women on reality TV.

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Yes, that Vienna Girardi the drama queen with strange publicity stunts and explosive breakups.

While the Emily Maynard and Chris Harrison rumors seem a bit far-fetched, we aren’t sure which guy the southern stunner is going to end up with. Do you think Emily Maynard and Chris Harrison would make a good couple?

In the past few weeks, the two sparked tabloid headlines for allegedly faking a relationship despite having broken up.

"I have nothing but respect and love for Jeff and his family, but ultimately we are just at different points in our lives," said Maynard.

“Yes, I’m dating Arie,” the model tells Life & Style magazine.

“We’re enjoying our time together.” The pair were first spotted kissing at a restaurant in Phoenix on Oct.More than 10 years ago, back in 2004, he appeared on a short-lived UPN reality dating show called . He's clearly still got his seduction skills from back in the day, but luckily he's decided to cut his hair and sport some less flashy earrings in the 13 years since the show.He has been called a player by a bunch of the other contestants, pointing out his penchant for smooth talking and uncanny ability to get Rachel to make out with him basically every other minute they're together. 11, but Robertson insisted it was a onetime hookup.Still, many were surprised that she would move on from Flajnik so quickly after the pair fell in love on the most controversial season of "The Bachelor" yet.So Emily Maynard, who’s been engaged three times and twice on national television to Bachelors, has finally found the one? And the way Emily is spinning the story, her new boyfriend ‘Nick’ is ashamed of her reality television past, and that’s why he doesn’t want the public to know who he is. The guy, if he exists, is so embarrassed of her that he doesn’t even want people to know that they’re dating.