Hundreds of red lanterns glowed as they rose into the sky, watched by the crowds below until they disappeared behind the buildings that dot the fringes of the Lebanese coastline.

The event is one of many building up to April 24th, which marks the 100th commemoration of the Armenian genocide at the hands of the Ottoman Empire.

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Syria forms Lebanon's northern and eastern borders.

Israel lies directly south of Lebanon, with the Mediterranean Sea to the west.

When the Roman Empire established its rule over both Armenia and ancient Lebanon, some Roman troops of Armenian origin went there in order to accomplish their duties as Romans.

After Armenia converted to Christianity in 301, Armenian pilgrims established contact with Lebanon and its people on their way to Jerusalem; some of whom would settle there.

5- ورقة عمادة from the Diocese of the Armenians PS: If your mother is Armenian (your half Armenian), you can still apply for the Passport.

: – Once your papers are ready you have to go apply them in the Embassy on specific days and time set by the Embassy.

Such difficulties with early immigration records are further exacerbated because of religious affiliation, both Muslim as well as myriad Christian denominations, which cut across national and ethnic lines in the region.

Early Lebanese settlers in America came mostly from Beirut, Mount Hermon, and surrounding regions of present-day Lebanon, a nation located at the extreme eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea.

Prior to the Lebanese Civil War, the number was higher, but the community lost a portion of its population to emigration.