A Start Of Authority record is required for each zone.

Any host label within a record that uses a fully qualified domain terminating with an ending period will not append the origin hostname. The “@” symbol is a special label that indicates the $ORIGIN should replace the “@” symbol. SOA Record – The $ORIGIN is followed by the zone’s Start Of Authority (SOA) record.

) before updating the zone files, so hostname lookups still work for dynamically assigned hostnames, even though the zone files aren't updated.

The BIND zone file is a file format that has been widely adopted by DNS server software.

; address of responsible party 2016072701 ; serial number 3600 ; refresh period 600 ; retry period 604800 ; expire time 1800 ) ; minimum ttl 86400 NS ns1.p30. It contains the name of the zone, the e-mail address of the party responsible for administering the domain’s zone file, the current serial number of the zone, the primary nameserver of the zone, and various timing elements (measured in seconds).

In this case, the DNS server fails to update the new name, tieh the following error log messages: Nov 9 qa-dhcp-01 named[6203]: client updating zone 'qa.lab/IN': update unsuccessful: lab: 'name not in use' prerequisite not satisfied (YXDOMAIN) Nov 9 qa-dhcp-01 named[6203]: client updating zone 'qa.lab/IN': update unsuccessful: lab/TXT: 'RRset exists (value dependent)' prerequisite not satisfied (NXRRSET) any idea how to solve this ?

(either on the server side, or on client side configuration) (has this is a test env.

All commands sent over the channel must be signed by a key_id known to the server.

rndc reads a configuration file to determine how to contact the name server and decide what algorithm and key it should use.version: 9.7.3 CPUs found: 8 worker threads: 8 number of zones: 18 debug level: 0 xfers running: 0 xfers deferred: 0 soa queries in progress: 0 query logging is OFF recursive clients: 0/0/1000 tcp clients: 0/100 server is up and running Write security roots to the secroots file.

for virtual machines, such scenario of mac address change happens a lot). To turn on dynamic update: /var/named/etc/named.conf: zone "server." ; The allow update IP address is the address of your DHCP server. The notify lets any slave servers know what the update is. dynamic updates and notifications are already working on my server.

The problem is dynamically updating an existing entry.

The whole meaning of domain names exists today just because of DNS. This DOT is so important and if you forget this you will have nightmares with your dns configuration. simply because it tells to start query from root servers (denoted by dot) 5.