Le Blanc, 47, who currently resides in London where he’s filming “Episodes,” attended the season four premiere party in Los Angeles on Monday sans Anders, 39, fueling breakup rumors.

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Matt’s own father (himself married at least nine times) claimed that Matt had had an affair with Jennifer Anniston.

Both vehemently denied that, of course, and Matt doesn’t even talk to his father anymore because of these apparently false claims. The little girl, Marina, was diagnosed with neurological issues before she was even a year old. The seizures impeded the girl’s development and she wasn’t able to walk or talk like other children her age.

Edit Matt Le Blanc began dating Melissa Mc Knight from 1998, they actually met each other a year before and he proposed her in 1998.

Friends star and new Top Gear presenter Matt Le Blanc has spoken of one of the darkest periods of his life, as his marriage collapsed and his daughter was diagnosed with a devastating brain condition.

Andrea Anders (born May 10, 1975) is an American actress, known for her roles as Alex Garrett in the NBC sitcom Joey, Nicole Allen in the CBS sitcom The Class, and Linda Zwordling in the ABC sitcom Better Off Ted. She was an understudy for Mary-Louise Parker in the Broadway production of Proof and later played the part of Elaine Robinson in The Graduate.

She also appeared in On the Jump at the Arena Stage, New Doors at the Guthrie Theater, and two New York Stage & Film productions: Cold/Tender and New World Rhapsody.

This was only exacerbated when he and Melissa separated early in 2006.

He had fallen for his co-star on the spin-off series He did manage to dissolve his marriage to Melissa amicably, however.

There have been plenty of rumours about girls he’d been hanging out with as well.

Considering that he had had plenty of opportunity to meet other women, this question is not exactly unwarranted.

Be that as it may, Matt and Melissa married in 2003 and in 2004 their baby daughter was born. By the time the girl turned two, however, she seemed to have outgrown her problems and was back on track growing up as a healthy little girl.