The app then uses this information to give suggestions of who the user should be matched up with.

The user selects if he or she wants to be matched up with males, females, or both and the distance from their location. After choosing one of the sports, the user can look through matches and either swipe down to skip or swipe up to “buddy up” with a suggested match.

On May 16 Potter and fellow climber Graham Hunt died in Yosemite National Park after attempting a dangerous wingsuit flight, where base jumpers wear a special suit that enables them to “fly” forwards and control their fall.

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Over the past ten years we have interviewed dozens of high-risk sports people and studied their profiles in detail with a view to trying to find out what that “something different” is. For example, it is now clear that sensation-seeking explains very little about the motive for many of these people.

Many high-risk sportspeople do not crave excitement at all – yes they seek out risky environments, but only with a view to minimising any additional risk so that they can remain in control despite the apparent danger of dangling off cliffs or jumping out of planes.

Sports Buddy is a new app that connects people through sport and physical activities.

The twist is that its main focus is not for dating, but for just playing sports with others.

As a wife and mother, I watch the extreme sport athletes and wonder about their lives. At the women’s events, I wonder how those women balance it all. I know many of them are young enough that they still have girlfriends who line the fences, cheering them on.

But every time I witness a crash I think of that kid’s mom, and wonder if she is watching the event live, or if she’s about to get phone call.

He runs the Peak every other day, but is okay with someone who doesn’t share his love for intense activities. They get my sense of humour and respect my speed and efficiency of finding the perfect Internet meme at any opportune – or inopportune – moment. Long story short, a few weeks later we were living in Hawaii, drinking fresh coconuts straight from the tree and playing volleyball six hours a day. While there, I discovered that you don’t need much in life to be a happy and kind person – something that has always stayed with me. If they are spending a lot of time on their phone, then they’re not really present. “L’etranger” by Albert Camus is not far behind any Game of Thrones books.

He is a Cello playing, classical music enthusiast who would save the day should you find yourself faced with a “Disney” or “Star Wars” theme at Trivia night. The only thing all the girls I’ve loved in the past have in common is that they are totally different from one another. Funny or cool pictures – a sense of humour is always good. This is embarrassing, but once I got so drunk I didn’t remember anything my date told me. An unexpected one, where I learn a lot about my date and I am surprised by her. She is not only beautiful and super smart, but best of all, she was in Star Wars!

“While you’re probably still in bed hitting snooze, you will find Paul soaking up the Hong Kong skyline from the top of the Peak or getting wet ’n’ wild wakeboarding at Tai Tam.