Soon after, he joins the library committee, the tennis club and a part time job at a family restaurant.He's the only character you can name in the game, and you may choose to refer in first person as ore A second year high school student who goes to the same after school tennis club with the protagonist. :3 Je suis a la recherche d'un jeu daiting sim pour fille en ligne (en français de préférence mais je demande l'impossible)!

A first year high school student who the protagonist meets after being forced to join the library committee.

She constantly wears earphones and has an attitude that keeps people away from her.

C'est là que tu vas rencontrer six frères aussi passionnels que sadiques...

Il s'agit des six fils de Keiichiro Kira, le président du groupe d'hôtels de luxe Kira.

However, along the way you also get to style your own character and date three different boys: Chris, Aaron, and Sean.

The dating part is just a simple add-on, not important, but it is there.

[Story] Your once ordinary life is turned upside-down when your father's business suddenly goes bankrupt. You're determined to help him in any way you can, but how?!

Suddenly a hot guy appears, only to make the craziest marriage proposal ever! But in return..." A tangled love drama with all sorts of twists and turns.

His domineering personality is his flaw, but also charming.