of people recently took a hit, and in a divorce, the newly single partner isn't the only one who has to adjust to the loss of a spouse and the possibility of a new love; rather, it's a huge shift for the whole inner circle to make socially.

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You don’t feel “incomplete” if you’re not in a relationship, and are maybe becoming a better person each day that you’re on your own..

That it doesn’t just magically take care of itself, and float along in a some happy, pink cloud surrounded by unicorns and cotton candy.

Some say to escalate physically as fast as possible, while others advise to feel it out before physical escalation.

give her space to just spontaneously do whatever she wants, be there to be whatever it is she needs you to be at that moment (listener?

Since last fall, I've gotten to know a fellow graduate student at my institution with whom there seems to be a mutual attraction and good chemistry. Definitely move slower than usual due to the fact that she's recently divorced. ^If you're confident in yourself and don't need a lot of reassurance that you're #1 in her mind then maybe go for a more extensive relationship. I'm not sure that I'm #1 in her mind so maybe I should feel it out, be a little more aggressive with the flirting so I can get a better idea of how much she's into me…

Almost very time I'd talk to her she'd bitch about her marital troubles and ask me whether she should leave her marriage, to which I always responded that I didn't know enough about the situation and therefore couldn't give her advice. THEN, you can ask her if she wanted to study somewhere... I say this because I am dating a woman who was married for 7 years. My original point is you have to have weather it in the early parts and it gets better. you know her best, see what feels right for the situation. does it really matter if you are number #1 in her mind right off that bat?

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