He made not one but two faux pas as he spoke to presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield about his relationship with the hitmaker, who passed away on Christmas Day last year at the age of 53.

During the interview Kenny, 58, was heard talking about George’s love of This Morning, saying: “I remember you guys so well.

Wrote a tweeter identified as "Cassandra": "Aw, Michael Scott is trending. (And hilarious)" It seems that most Twitter users felt that way about the episode, which caused more than a few to tear up.

When it came to Playboy honcho Hugh Hefner, fake sex was far preferable to the real thing.

Holly Madison reveals ex-boyfriend Hugh Hefner offered her drugs, calls him a ‘manipulator’ in new memoir She was confident things would only go so far sexually because Hefner’s other girlfriends reassured her they didn't actually have to sleep with the Playboy don.

That night, Madison was led into Hefner's bedroom to join his harem of scantily clad blonds lolling on the bed as two big screens played porn. Suddenly, one of the other women grabbed Madison and hissed in her ear: “Fake the f---!

So says Hef’s former live-in girlfriend Holly Madison in her new book, “Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales from a Former Playboy Bunny.” The 35-year-old hottie shared the Playboy mansion with Hefner from 2001 to 2008, spending several years as his girlfriend-in-chief.

Madison, beginning as a 21-year-old waitress at Hooters, chased after Hefner for almost a year before finally earning a mansion invite.

According to Madison, the girlfriends — seven at the time — were desperate for “fresh meat” to avoid satisfying Hefner themselves.

Holly Madison considered suicide during ‘nightmare’ life in Playboy Mansion: memoir “Heeeef ... ” Madison recalled one of the mansion vets screeching during her first visit.

When I looked at the television, I’m like holy s***!

I used to watch you guys all the time, especially you Phillip.”Phillip, 55, responded saying: “Phillip has now got to say sorry for the that.”There was another swear word again towards the end of the interview when Kenny said: “[George] gave me a hardcore lecture about being a lucky b*****d and to do everything I could do to give back the public.”It was Holly’s turn to then apologise to This Morning viewers as she told them: “Sorry again if any of the language used in that might have been offensive to you.”Kenny was the on programme to discuss his famous lover following his death last year and revealed that he regretted telling the media he had flushed George’s drugs down the toilet.

Most people gave the episode -- in which Scott proposes to his girlfriend, Holly (Amy Ryan), and announces he's moving to Colorado -- a thumbs-up.