Though she originally wanted to be a ballerina, Von Teese states that "by 15, I was as good as I'd ever be." Von Teese says she was disappointed, as she had been hoping to receive beautiful lacy garments and stockings, of the type she had glimpsed in her father's Playboy magazines. She worked in a lingerie store as a salesgirl when she was 15, eventually as a buyer.

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Back in February, Dita gave a revealing and somewhat titillating interview to the UK’s “I don’t think I’m the sort of girl who’ll be celebrating a 75th anniversary with a man.

I actually enjoy rollercoasters of life, and with great passion sometimes comes great heartbreak.

“She’s really robbing the cradle.” Von Teese’s rep didn’t get back to us.

[From The NY Post, 4/29/09] An 11 year age difference is hardly “robbing the cradle,” but you would expect to hear an obnoxious statement like that from Page Six.

The goth rocker and the 22-year-old 'Wrestler' actress recently called off their engagement and Marilyn was seen getting over the break-up by partying in Los Angeles at...

MARILYN MANSON has unveiled his latest art collaboration with director DAVID LYNCH in Vienna, Austria.

And, she's done it all from behind the bejeweled glass of the oversize martini glass that's become her signature. She's in Los Angeles, but the practiced smoothness of her voice leads me to believe she's more likely to be lounging in silk pajamas then talking on an i Phone in line for green juices, or whatever it is they do there.

Like all great stories, Von Teese's begins with a pizza parlor she worked at as a teenager.

If Cinderella was the ultimate heroine for an era in which women aimed to lock down a Prince Charming and put a ring on his finger, then burlesque star Dita Von Teese is the sex-positive, Millennial update to the fairytale.