Here's a collage of my most-recent week in the Angeles City.

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This is the kind of girl who knows that she drives the foreign tourists crazy and plays them like a fiddle.

She entices and erection by gripping and squeezing her own tits and then riding guys back at the short time hotel straight into the gates of heaven.

Whoremonger John Tron came to the Philippines to take a few months off of his boring life back in Europe to enjoy his days in the sun, hunt some Asian girls and get laid every night.

He started a small personal travel diary where he uploaded daily video episodes of his life to show his friends back home what they are missing.

The drink is priced twice as expensive as regular customer drinks in most cases. Iced teas, fruit juices, Rum&Coke and Gin Tonic are some of the most common choices.

Shooters like tequila and B52s are priced slightly higher.

It is raunchy, wild, sticky Asian sex at it's finest. Check out the sample clip below: That guy certainly gets into some wild sex doesn't he?

Now the actual 'look' of the Asian Candy Pop site will certainly not win any awards, that's not why we go there.

It was obviously a huge success and John Tron tasted blood.