After booting in failsafe mode, Solaris wan’t mount automaticly your root filesystem. To manually recover the boot archive on a root mirror, please refer to procedure written in this section of the Solaris Administration Guide.

updating platform sun4v bootarchive-82

Therefore, it's difficult to use the Mila X Live CD in these environments.

But in most data centers, a WANBOOT server exists for the installation of the SPARC machines.

Mila X is available for x86 and for SPARC machines.

Unfortunately a lot of SPARC machines reside in data centers and there is no easy access to the CDROM drive of these machines.

OBP is a powerful, low-level interface to the system and devices attached to the system (OBP is also known as the ok prompt).

By entering simple OBP commands, you can learn system configuration details such as the ethernet address, the CPU and bus speeds, installed memory, and so on.

If devalias is used without arguments, it displays all system device aliases (will run up to 120 MHz).

Creates a new alias for a device, where name is the name of the alias and path is the physical path of the device.

This article only describes how to convert the Mila X Live CD to a WANBOOT image – it does not talk about how to use the Mila X WANBOOT image or how to set up a WANBOOT server.

Note: WANBOOT is only supported for SPARC machines.

So, to use Mila X also for these machines, it's useful to convert the Mila X Live CD to a WANBOOT image.