Reinforced negative conditioning over and over again that you are not good enough… I found myself in a new reality, and I realized something: My self-esteem SHOT THROUGH THE ROOF! Everything you’ve thought, everything you’ve felt, and everything you’ve done has simply been a REACTION to what life has thrown at you.

The more choices I made, the more my world started changing… Looking back, it was the journey that got me here, without it – I would still be stuck in the same old patterns of failure, still under-achieving, still miserable. For most of your life, your reference points have been defined for you.

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The Social Circle Blueprint will empower you to generate your own reference points, manage your own state, and establish your own defaults of perception. ” That’s when I realized that there was a massive opportunity in front of me.

constantly being told by the world around you that you are not enough… The Social Circle Blueprint will allow you to finally FLIP THAT DYNAMIC, isolate the reference points, and allow you to DEFINE YOUR OWN REALITY.

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A bold exposé of the controversial secret that has potentially dire consequences in many African American communities Delivering the first frank and thorough investigation of life “on the down low” (the DL), J. King exposes a closeted culture of sex between black men who lead “straight” lives. King bravely puts the spotlight on a topic that has until now remained dangerously taboo.

PLEASE DON'T LET ME MENTION THE DL BROTHERS....everybody would mind their own business and just look for what they are looking for and not worry about what other people are looking for there would not be any problems and everyone would live happily everafter...kcekce33 why are you so married on this singles website......

I'm just making a valid point on how hard it is finding a single man these days......

Amidst the career track, basketball and bar hopping, "The Brothers" love women, as many as possible, but shocking revelation tests the foursome's friendship and changes their dating habits forever.

I agree with the user who said that the low rating of this fine film could be due to the fact that a number of white viewers are unused to the portrayal of black males as normal, upwardly mobile Americans.

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