" CLICK HERE to see the gallery, "Sexy Men With Even Sexier Man Buns! While writer/director James Mangold does spend time on Cash's first wife, his family life, and substance abuse problems, it's really the love between Johnny and June that's the focus of the biopic Besides taking on the task of portraying two well-known musical stars, both actors had the added pressure of doing their own singing, a task Witherspoon admitted was definitely unnerved about when she spoke to us in 2008 about the Oscar-winning role:“At first it kind of felt like [I was ] lost and set adrift. [Joaquin] and I went into that with a lot of trepidation, particularly him.

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And I almost got tears in my eyes at one point, and it didn't feel like an assault, and it also didn't feel particularly sexual, which is strange.

It felt like two lost humans connected in some way.

The critically acclaimed HBO drama recently put the actress in a controversial sex scene that the Internet won't let go. I had just had Sailor, so it was kind of crazy for me because he was like two months old.

Since we can't, either, we went straight to the source: Tyler herself. And we have to talk about the infamous scene where your character Meg has very violent sex with a younger man. They gave us the first three scripts, and I wasn't in them. And I was like, 'Oh god.' Obviously, having just had a baby, anything you have to do where you have to be very open with your body is sort of intimidating. I don't understand.' And he said, 'Is it okay for you to just know where you are right now, and to not know where you're going? I kind of go away for awhile, and then I come back... So for me as an actress, it's an amazing opportunity and challenge.

Speaking to was the most confusing part of her career.

"I won the Oscar and I felt really confused about what to do next," she said, referring to her 2006 win.

Her peculiar career choices were detrimental to her career as she saw herself drop from the exclusive highest-paid actress list to out of the spotlight - all of which culminated into many claiming Witherspoon's career was over.

A 2012 article from the even went as far as declaring the then-36-year-old actress a has-been.

(Note to future movie producers: mohair sweaters and impromptu dance parties don't mix.)Cut to last night, when we spotted Tyler at Prada's benefit for The Lunchbox Fund.