He Later worked with many of the ‘name’ touring bands of the day including Eric Delaney, Ken Mackintosh, Ted Heath etc.

Eventually settling in London in 1965 to become one of the most in demand studio musicians – working on countless films, recordings and TV shows including all the early James Bond films, soundtracks with Henry Mancini, Nelson Riddle, Carlos Jobim, John Williams etc plus albums with the Beatles, Tom Jones, Ella Fitzgerald, Tony Bennett, Sammy Davis Jnr, Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire plus tours with Frank Sinatra.

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Civil War camp, school yard, old house site, on the beach , etc.

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Our commerce transaction system offers .exceptional security with a highly encrypted line.The engraving is much more detailed and features the mythical creature “Pan” playing his flute. Has jeweled finger buttons and bell securing screws, slotted main bell alignment and special fifth valve cap holder to lock in playing of second bell. Built in BBb, with either three or four valves, they add a deep and sonorous voice to any ensemble in which they may be used.The splendid impression made by these instruments in point of appearance is a matter of remark everywhere. W., London) Advertised as a Ballad horn, but the fact that it is probably an F instrument and uses a "French" horn mouthpiece and has a smaller 6.5" bell, these attributes place it in the Vocal horn camp. The bell inscription reads: Exposition Universelle De Paris 1900 Hors Concours Membre Du Jury Couesnon & Cie Fournisseurs de L Armee 94 Rue D Angouleme Paris Chateau-Thierry French cornet is inscribed Medaille de Ire Classe Exposition Universelle 1855 Medaille Londres 1862 Exposition Universille Paris 1867 Medaille d Houneur En Argent Antoine Courtois and Mille Mille Sr Facteur Du Conservatoire National 88 Rue Des Marais St Martin Paris 1lr Prix Grand Medaille D Or Exposition De Moscoj 1872 and Medaille D or Paris 1878 Number under cap 3XI 13279 Vocabell original condition, but with the wrong finger buttons.Vocal horns are essentially tenor horns pitched in F that use a "French" horn mouthpiece. Note the Art Deco styling for the period (1930s): rimless bell, stylized spit valves, geometric valve casings, elaborate engraving, heavy gold-tone lacquer finish.Art Deco style but these horns were “peashooters” (longer with a smaller bore). It has a 24" bell, an 7 3/8" bell collar interior diameter, and a .734 bore.