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Equally useful for long-time users and newcomers to the Internet, parents will find a wealth of useful tips presented in a friendly and entertaining manner.

Beginning with basic questions and answers about why laws are sometimes different online than they are in other commercial arenas, author Parry Aftab goes on to explain some of the fundamentals of search engines, ISPs, and e-mail accounts--experienced users can safely skip this area with no harm done.

--Jill Lightner "An invaluable resource for the Internet industry and parents alike in our efforts to create educational and entertaining havens online."--Bob Davis, President and CEO, Lycos, Inc.

"The definitive work for parents and others who care about balancing the benefits of the Internet with the need to keep our children safe while surfing."--B.

Aftab makes it clear that it is up to parents and caregivers to appropriately educate kids in online safety--while the benefits of including the Internet in your child's education are tremendous, there are some dangers (ranging from pretty minor to severe) that all family members need to be made aware of and taught how to avoid.

Aftab includes a terrific list of widely approved kid-friendly sites, a solid glossary of common terms and abbreviations used in e-mail, and simple bullet-point lists outlining ways to provide protection such as passwords, backing up important files, placing your computer in a central location, and not allowing unsupervised online access until you're fully convinced they're ready for it.

According to the Center for Net Addiction, these individuals turn to the Internet for intimacy and sex.

This has led some to commit virtual adultery, which according to "The Infidelity Online Workbook: An Effective Guide to Rebuild Your Relationship After a Cyberaffair" is when individuals engage in cybersex without their partner's knowledge and without regard for their partner's feelings.

A no-nonsense guide for keeping kids protected and informed on the Internet is an essential book for any family with a home computer.