He has raised Cal from birth as their mother, Sophia, was ill-equipped to do anything but drink, cheat marks, and have sex with a monster worse than any nightmare to produce a child…for the right price.

Niko has known about the Auphe since he was seven years old…when they only watched through windows and from the shadows.

NIKO LEANDROS Niko Leandros of the Clan Vayash is Cal’s older brother.

Despite the dark blond hair, a result of centuries-past intermarrying with Northern Greeks before the clan traveled to America, Niko is considered a full-blooded Rom.

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Not only has Niko raised Cal, but he’s trained nearly his entire life to protect him from the Auphe and from himself.

There was Alexander, Genghis Khan, Hannibal, Caesar, Sun-Tzu and then there is Niko.

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