We hope that greater transparency and accountability can lead to a more informed debate on the balance among consumer privacy rights, the need for digital enterprises to control how their customers are treated, and the use of data by Internet companies to power innovation and economic growth.

Using our proprietary data and algorithms, we created a master composite index that rolls up five underlying scores that represent the current state of Internet data.

We chose the name Data Transparency Index as a contrast to the opaque and fast-moving nature of the Internet.

Peak – The percentage of time spent in congestion during peak hours.

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I know you do not receive pp for qualified maps, but still not having the score show is rather concerning. I know ive been connected to the internet for all of the things ive done, and right before the first incident i got an FC that went through, so im really not sure whats happening.osu!ICI (INRIX Congestion Index) – INRIX Congestion Index is a new, state of the art congestion metric for transportation professionals that analyzes congestion’s impact across the entire road network.% Driving Time Spent in Congestion – This is the percentage of driving time that is spent in congestion, which means that road speeds are less than 65% of free flow speeds.Simply put, To fill this gap (and celebrate Data Privacy Day), Mezzobit has created the Data Transparency Index: the technology industry’s first scorecard to use comprehensive data to benchmark these important questions on a global basis: Mezzobit’s business involves monitoring billions of visitor sessions across thousands of websites each month, helping our corporate clients better understand and control data activities to optimize their digital properties.This puts us in a unique position to see what’s happening, something that few understand based on our conversations with thousands of corporate executives, regulators, and consumer advocates.That means that our workforce under age 55 has trouble competing in our global world.