Now you must understand, I hadn’t planned on going out and playing pool, so I hadn’t really dressed in the appropriate clothes.

There I was Mini-dress and no stockings or panties and the dress was low-cut!

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Years ago I went to an adult bookstore in the area, hoping to find a woman at the glory hole.

I noticed a line outside one of the booths which was a sure sign that a woman or couple were in the adjoining booth.

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My turn finally came and I entered the booth and I peeked through the hole, to see a very hot 20 something sucking the cock the man in the other booth. Her boyfriend who was in the booth with her was encouraging her, telling her what a good cocksucker she was and how naughty she was to be sucking strangers cocks.

The girl was hot although I can only see her from the back or the side.

I still could not see her face but everything else about her was beautiful and perfect.

Finally the stranger shot his load into her mouth and it must have been a big load because it made her cough a bit and gag and her boyfriend reach down and just held the back of her head making sure she didn't remove her mouth from his cock.

I suggested that people were getting tired of me preaching Intimacy as how to make this happen.