I'm in London on a typically gloomy winter’s day chatting on the phone with actor, director and producer Tim Matheson, who is at his newly redesigned beachfront home in Los Angeles.

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But he also made enemies and national headlines along the way – including here on the barrier island.

For three years, law enforcement agents doggedly pursued Taylor coast-to-coast.

He talked about a man named Fred in California who paid him to find such pieces.

Several days a week, Taylor, 42, tipped back vodka and fruit juice in one of the two corner booths at Bobby’s, and recently was dating a woman half his age. By all accounts, he had amassed a small fortune by age 40.

It’s mid-morning on a bright, cloudless day on Southern California’s spectacular Venice Beach and he couldn’t be in a better spot to enjoy it.

We move quickly to how Matheson came to be in his sun-filled beach house at all.Mar Vista's mostly quiet residential streets lead to low-key coffee shops, cleaners, and thrift centers along its affably-aged main avenues.Pedalers trace the path of the sun past beachside bungalows and colorful apartment complexes as they make their way toward the shore.This relentlessly unassuming Westside neighborhood favors unhurried excursions—slow-children-at-play signs are as common as slow food movements.When in Mar Vista, prepare to travel slowly, too, unless you've arranged yourself an an automobile for adventuring.• Graveyard Shift - Catch a Cinespia flick at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Then, spend the rest of your evening cozied up with a glass of wine in the glow of the silver screen.