I guess it could be argued that most of us are looking for "Long Term", but after a couple of scary dates way back when were the woman in question was looking for "Long Term" and NOW, I thought going back to "Friends" was a good idea. Everyone seems to have a different definition of what those choices mean.is how I handle it..Now, Im rethinking that maybe this is scaring off some potential good catches... I use dating, but, in the body of my profile I mention that Long Term is the eventual goal..

Husband (49M) went to jail and was beaten/assaulted on a daily basis by other inmates.

Now he is back, and he is suffering from PTSD but refuses to seek help or admit he has problems.

Although the chemistry, the connection and the attraction are all integral to a relationship, you shouldn't settle for someone who doesn't treat you right simply because those three ingredients are present.

In other words, just dating all the hot people is a big no-no.

Dating, on the other hand, is a process where a person gets to know another person for the sole purpose of determining if that person would be a suitable partner.

For dating to begin, both individuals must share some feelings towards to each other and a desire to get to know the other person more for romantic purposes.

But by fostering more friendships with the opposite sex, you can figure out what you want in a significant other besides physical attraction.

You might even realize geeks, dorks and nerds are kind of sexy.

But what does having friends of the opposite sex have to do with any of this?