Christmas Lantern - 200 & 200A The 200A was the immediate follower to Coleman's 200 lantern, and was one of the most successful in the industry.Selling from 1951 to 1983, this unit shipped in the millions.

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Coleman is not the only name in camping lanterns—Kamplite, Nulite, Aladdin, Preway, Ash Flash, and Sunshine Safety are a few of the others—but Coleman is the big dog.

Originally sold in the early part of the 20th century to extend the work days of farmers, these gasoline-burning lanterns that were designed to bring light to rural communities were soon embraced by recreational campers.

A trip back to Wally World, new fuel and it lit right away, cooked dinner last night and coffee this AM. The new can is tri-lingual and the entire backside of the can is WARNING DANGER WILL ROBINSION stuff, the old can English only with more pictures of Coleman equipment and only a simple DANGER FLAMABLE warning on the side, looks good enough to keep as a it used to be like this souvenier. I don't remember exactly how old Greenie is, maybe 20 or 25 years, but it still works like a champ.

I think there is a strong chance that the 40 year old Coleman will make appearances at future campouts, should look pretty neat next to the classic Airstream. We love our old stoves and loving use them all the time. There are times when I'm at home and it's to hot to cook inside the house and I will use it outside. They were built to be simple, reliable and serviceable. My favorite thing is to wake up early and make coffee outside.

The fount is nickel-plated brass, but models in 1951 were painted green instead.

The standard lamp of the era burned kerosene and produced a smoky, flickering, yellowish light. Coleman saw potential in the new light, and through his vision a new company was born that would put America’s farms and ranches in a new light, and would eventually make his name synonymous with outdoor fun.The final 200 models and early 200As both had this same color scheme - a red ventilator top with a green-painted fount.This aesthetic led to the nickname "Christmas Lantern" given by its collectors.Ah ha, lets look at Google, many writeups and how to's, even learned that mine was made in 1971, old but certainly not the oldest. Hey Google, make that Coleman what is the shelf life of Coleman fuel?answer Shelf life of Coleman Fuel about 2 years after opening. Unknown, likely well in excess of 10 years maybe 15.The savvy shopper may get a good deal, if he knows what to look for.