But there’s one man who skateboarded his way into our hearts with his truly awful chat up lines in series one who is making a comeback for the upcoming special where the cast jet off to France. Francis left the show back in 2013 and has since been a busy bee.‘I’ve been in Ghana trying to save this endangered animal,’ he explained to Jamie Laing one on of his mini web series, You’ll probably remember that, back in the day, Francis was part of the Lost Bois along with Jamie and Oliver Proudlock.Then there is Ollie Lock, a vacuous perma-tanned George of the Jungle -lookalike, if George was an amateur drag queen of no discernable sex.

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Outside of her life in Chelsea, Louise co-runs her own clothing company.

We think it’s fair to say there’s a few eccentric types on Made In Chelsea. In one of the episodes during series one you may recall we watched him sit as he got an oil painting portrait done of himself holding a globe and a pineapple! Channel 4 let the cat out of the bag when they release the latest shots for That is a strong colour coordinated outfit you have on there Francis!

Despite Alik flying out to try and win her back, Louise was adamant that the relationship was over…

Although she did invite him to spend some time in the South of France with her – so perhaps all is not lost?

So will his peach shorts give him more luck this time around?

We don't think there has been one single series in which womaniser Spencer Matthews hasn't cheated on his girlfriend of the time. He must be compensating elsewhere for them to fall for his atrocious relationship etiquette... However, Louise sure did get the special treatment from Spenny when he did THE WORST possible thing you could ever do in a relationship and cheated on her IN HER OWN (most likely water with perfectly goose-feathered pillows) BED.

People watch soaps like East Enders or Corrie for a mixture of escapism and to relate to the problems the plotline presents.

Yet the makers of this show must think the pseudo-allure of pissing money away on the King’s Road is something to aspire to, because that’s all the characters do.

They lived together in a Victorian terrace house, also called their Pardy Pad, in Fulham, and their house antics involved the usual heartbreak and lad comedy!

Despite his comic ways Francis was also known for being unlucky-in-love.

None, though, jar quite so much as Channel 4’s Made In Chelsea. Jamie Laing could well be the wealthiest of the gang, but ‘posh’ is a push.