It's my belief that we will have a great future ahead of us .

I would definately rate this as a 100% success story, and this meeting wouldn't have happened without the PS facilitating our introduction.

I truly appreciate Positive Singles / Sucessful Match being there to get us together, and as far as I am concerned, for me, the real mission of this website has been accomplished: you brought two very comatible people together.

Since both of us share a common problem (why we came here), because it's both of us, that issue has been rendered completely moot.

In the South, the report states, people living with HIV have to reach disability status before they qualify for aid, and nationally the vast majority of HIV/AIDS patients rely on Medicaid for health insurance.

The Stateline report, however, also notes that economic conditions in the South contribute to the rate of HIV/AID infection:"Many of the people living with HIV/AIDS in the South are desperately poor.

Often, they are mentally ill or drug dependent, experts say.

"Bug chasers are people trying to reach for the highest high," said Donald J.The Southern AIDS Coalition, headquartered in Birmingham, serves the 16 Southern states and the District of Columbia, and its executive director, Rainey Campbell, notes that Southern states also have the largest percentage of people living with the disease and the most people dying from it. Under the Affordable Care Act, the federal government will pay costs of expanded Medicaid coverage through 2016 and then will pay 90 percent of it.Coalition officials also note that the nine states with the highest rate of HIV/AIDS infection, including Tennessee, have opted not to expand Medicaid through the Affordable Care Act. Bill Haslam, however, again has indicated that he plans to present a Medicaid expansion plan to officials of the U. Tennessee administers the state-federal Medicaid program through Tenn Care.After signing up for my gold membership, I was able to quickly contact (through the PS website) and meet the one specific member I signed up to get in touch with.We did so this week, and things couldn't be better.Now we can go on with having fun, and once again living life. I just wanted to say thank you for bringing someone so special into my life.