Notice that once you have updated the record, an asterisk (*) shows next to the record.

they don't require any special services/functionality other than adding, updating, and deleting groups).

For this reason, I chose to make this an Info Table on the Factory Thing instead of making each area/group its own Thing (which would feel like an overly complex data architecture to me).

To keep the EMPLOYEES tab and the DEPARTMENTS tab open, click the Freeze View pin before selecting the new object.

If you always want new tabs to open, you can set a preference to pin tabs. Update that record by clicking on any of the values and changing it.

Is it possible to update a value from a database within a for each activity?

What I'm trying to do is to set a flag in each row that it iterates.Thanks Since the rowindex of a datatable starts from 0(not 1)and your code seems to be updating value in next row(index 1) because of prior increment of count.Please try below and let me know if it working Main For Each row in Datatable1- Get rows- Assign count = 0 Second For each row in Datatable2- Get rows- If count certain condition and flag = false (0, "NO", etc) then- Add datarow to Datatable3- Assign Datatable2. Item(columntoupdate) = certain Value -- I added a write line activity after updating the row to see if it was working but it is not.You can use this method to update multiple records, but you still need to step through each record and click on the field to update the record.This can be cumbersome if you have multiple records.You can also insert data using the 'traditional' method you'd use when using a command line or SQL Plus.