"I tape two shows, and the first one feels lackluster and uninspired. It's the last night of three months on the road and the last time C. will ever perform this set: He scraps his act every year, forcing himself to start again. "If you write a book, you can't keep writing it." He's enjoying a deli sandwich, unfolding the greasy wax paper and digging in. K.'s crush on his FX sitcom, , is sitting nearby. He's fearless enough to follow his mind wherever it leads, but, beneath all the dejection and dick jokes, there's a deep moral seriousness to C. is a critically adored hit that blurs together cringe comedy, poignant drama, bathroom humor, slapstick gore and surrealist flights of fancy: It's impossible to say exactly what you're watching, and impossible to pull your eyes away. It's a deal he insisted on after years of seeing his outré ideas buffed down by writers'-room committee or squashed outright by meddling studios. K.: He's a guy who desperately wants to do the right thing, even if he regularly messes up in the process. After 's second season wrapped this summer, C. (the initials are a rough phonetic rendering of his surname, Szekely) hit the road, selling out clubs, steadily building a meticulously crafted two-hour set that feels like an off-the-cuff confessional. K.'s count, it contains "about four raucous laughs" – his term for the hyperventilating, kick-the-seat-in-front-of-you, holy-grail eruptions he craves, the ones that make other laughs sound like background hum by comparison: "From the stage you feel this boom, this impact. was starting out, and he helped put together these New York shows.

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"I was so upset," he recalls, sitting in the same dressing room a couple of evenings later.

was in a dressing room at Manhattan's Beacon Theatre, passing time between two back-to-back stand-up performances and feeling, as he so often does, like a piece of shit.

Naomi Campbell is reportedly dating Egyptian tobacco company boss Louis C Camilleri.

The 47-year-old model is believed to have struck up a relationship with the wealthy businessman - who is also a director of Ferrari - after the pair met through their shared love of Formula One racing.

Same, same but different: The pair wore similar father daughter shorts ensembles, Louis in brown shorts and a navy polo shirt, and Mary in a pair of cute turquoise shorts with a brown tank and gladiator sandals 'As far as when I make them behave badly on stage and in my show, that's all fiction.

I have just come across clarification on a statistic I cited in “Can Relationships That Start as Affairs Succeed?

When asked if she would rather have her own children instead of adopting, she said: "Maybe. Everything like this should be talked about openly.

Mental health issues, postpartum depression - there are so many different things.

It's incredible." The money's pretty incredible, too. The visitor is Louis Faranda, general manager of venerable Manhattan laugh spot Carolines and a New York comedy-circuit big.