Today is the first full day of Spring, and I may have Spring Fever. I don’t feel like that right now, but I find myself with similar desires. Still, I feel the same edge, the same need to connect physically that I experienced during mania.

I’ve written about by first big manic episode involving near-anonymous sex and out-of-control feelings. Fortunately I want to be with men that I know and like instead of random dudes from Craigslist.

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So, we kissed near the bathroom at the bar, and then I took him home with me. Immediately, I felt rejected and like I’d been duped.

It’s just that so many gay guys I know have started out by saying they’re bi.

You should never date someone of a certain race because you feel exhausted by the antics of men of another race. Men in my family, my circle of friends and past loves attest to that.

It’s not fair to the Black woman, the White dude or Black men. If you’re running into Black dudes who are not worth a quarter, their behavior is not some genetic issue related to their ethnic background, they just aren’t the guys for you, for any number of other reasons.

Thankfully, like most children, my daughter learned to be tolerant of others, while maintaining her identity (blackness).

She can navigate through a "black and white world", as well as a Spanish and African one; or whatever may come her way.

I am a Black woman who dates the "rainbow." If you put every guy I was involved with in the past 10 years into one room (that group includes random dates, relationships, situationships and that one time I got married), you’d have a fabulous, multi-hued bouquet of masculine beauty.

A kind, smart man who moves me, might be able to rock with me, regardless of race or ethnicity.

Only once was it a fetish thing on the guy’s end, and I deaded that as soon as I was aware. Then there are two troubling statements that I often hear. In a minute, I’m about to be like you and find a White boy.” Ugh.

Seeing specific movies is not a dating requirement for me. I find this to be problematic because everything about it is wrong.

Strangers are one battle but family and friends are another.