» Yes » No : Checking someone’s messages without their permission violates their privacy and their trust in you.If you are checking up on them because you suspect they are cheating it is best to be direct and talk about it. It sounds like you trust your partner, and trust is the foundation of a healthy relationship. During past disagreements with your partner, have you been able to discuss problems calmly and resolve them together?Yelling and cussing are always inappropriate and are abusive methods of communication. Have you ever tried to convince your partner to be more sexual with you?

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Will you be that girl that just has a bunch of flings or are you ready to be committed?

: In a healthy relationship, it is important for both partners to respect each other’s space and their relationships with others.

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Sure, some people get smooched before actually entering the dating world, but others are a bit more reserved and like to do the romance thing the “traditional” way.

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Did you know it takes a victim an average of 7 times to leave an abusive relationship because the abuser has power and control?

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