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It will be based on general opinions and suggest dramas that you might enjoy based on our own drama viewing experience.

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In any case, the manga took more time with showing the guy’s real character and it was easier to forgive him, no matter his status.

Valami agyzsibbasztót kerestem, valami olyat, ami mellett csak ülhetek és bámulhatok ki a fejemből, erre pedig a japán középiskolás sorozatok kitűnően alkalmasak. Aztán azon kaptam magam, hogy már nem csak bámulok ki a fejemből, hanem gyors egymásutánban kattintgatom a részeket, és ezt szó szerint kell érteni, mert egy rész 20 és 30 perc között van. A második sorozatot már csak azért néztem végig, mert rövidek voltak a részek. ON módban a legnépszerűbb lány az iskolában, aki mindig mindenkivel kedves, és tökéletes a megjelenése, OFF módban pedig ennek a tökéletes ellentéte.

If you have questions about a drama that is not listed, please feel free to ask and one of us will get back to you!

We are currently focusing on dramas from this past year, but we would be more than happy to add older dramas by request. I really did enjoy this drama for its light heartedness and look into the lives of a few people trying to live their lives in different ways—coming together to form/repair friendships; all while learning more about their shortcomings.

Review: This drama is based off of a manga of the same name. In some of the plots they chose to use, they added a tiny bit here and there to make things run smoother. I thought the acting was good enough for a manga-based comedy… He was good-looking and appealing, but hardly showed any emotion.

They didn’t use every plot that was done in the manga, though… The style was pretty much exaggerated comedy in the beginning and slowly turned to drama. When he did show emotion, the facial expressions weren’t convincing enough for me. I just would’ve liked to see a bit more in the ones where he was shouting.) Of course, like most dramas, it used a lot of cliched story-lines, (parents abandoning their children, being stuck in an elevator, ect), but it was still interesting enough. It ended in a way that made people want more, so in that respect, I think it was a good way to promote the manga, which is on-going.

What will happen when the newly transferred geek with geeky glasses finds out about her secret and he, too has an On-Mode where he removes his glasses and becomes a super-hottie. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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I enjoy the writers of this drama because they have a knack for breathing life into characters who seem one dimensional if they were in another drama. But the more he tries to “fix” the more problems he causes.

This drama is a perfect example of how small our world really is and how certain things are just “meant to be”. Two political figures with similar views want to start dating.

Nika and Arata are finally together, and with their looks and lovey atmosphere they are the best couple in school.