And those with the good fortune to achieve such "success" will always live in fear of losing it through circumstances beyond their control.We may have all the talent in the world, but we can end up tripping on the pavement and missing the interview!

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One may possess encyclopedic knowledge or be able to perform lightning-fast computations yet remain an utter fool.

The qualities of wisdom are patience, judgment, and perspective.

If you want to be successful in middle school, read on to prepare for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

He will readily identify himself by his profession or career.

But this focus on external accomplishment implants an intense fear of failure. EVOLUTION AND THE BATTLE FOR SELF-ESTEEM Evolution teaches that a human is simply a sophisticated form of animal, with no more or less intrinsic value than any another creature, be it a cat or a worm.

We're afraid that if no one is impressed, what will happen to our self-esteem? Each time Jack parks his Lexus (complete with the supple leather interior), in his driveway, he feels he's "made it." A year later, Jack's model is outdated and the neighbors are no longer impressed. The underlying message is that a human has no inherent source of self-esteem.

The one who learns from every person, as it is said: "From all those who taught me I gained understanding" (Psalms 1). The one who subdues his impulses, as it is said: "Better is one slow to anger than a strong man, and one who rules over his passions than the conqueror of a city" (Proverbs ). The one who is happy with his portion, as it is said: "When you eat the toil of your hands you are fortunate and it is good for you" (Psalms 128:2).