At Crystal Treasury we have a selection of beautiful decorative and utility bohemian crystal, which is hand-cut to perfection.

We offer a wide range of products reaching from Bohemia crystal glasses to Bohemian crystal chandeliers.

Established in 2001, with registered capacity of one million US dollars, the predecessor of Zhejiang Pujiang Jingsheng Crystal Co., Ltd.

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Primal Beauty features an extraordinary collection of Crystal Works' sculptures, each paired with a poignant, inspiring quotation from a distinguished voice to illuminate an aspect of art, aesthetics, wisdom, beauty, nature, ecology, evolution, physics, or metaphysics that accentuates the presence and raw power of these monumental pieces.

Enhanced with behind-the-scenes stories of Stoller's adventures, traveling the globe and sourcing the stones, and accompanied by meditations on the crystals' mineralogical qualities and arcane meanings, hundreds of stunning photographs capture these beings of "frozen light" in all their exquisite geometry and majesty, transporting us to mysterious otherworlds.

Except of clear crystal, we carry colored, so-called “cased” cut crystal and also hand-painted, gilded crystal further decorated by raised High Enamel flower paint.

All painting is done by 18 karat gold and porcelain powder.

Our chandeliers are divided into several categories: Famous Maria Theresa chandeliers with metal arms clad in crystal.

Chandeliers with traditional dense and/or light cuts.When used to view photos or videos transmitted by the camera, problems can occur including video jitter, long latency and more.The Crystal Sky monitor’s optimized decoder provides smooth, real-time video with minimal latency.A maximum 2000 cd/m² of brightness means the Crystal Sky monitor is more than four times as bright as typical mobile devices.On-screen details are clear and sharp, and colors are vibrant, giving the quality needed to fine tune image composition.Several global brands, as well as recognised entrepreneurs, have accelerated their digital product delivery with our help over the past 8 years.