For each query the metasearch engine compiles a comprehensive selection of websites and sorts them by relevancy with the use of proprietary algorithms.

Kart OO assists users in finding the most appropriate website for a given query without delay.

Alexa rank = 1 Similarweb rank = 1 was developed by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in September 1998. Company provide thousand of products and services like email, Google , Google Search, Google Drive, Chrome, Youtube, Blogger, Android.

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The company reported 96% revenue was derived from its advertising programs. In June 2017 Google fined a record 2.7 billion us dollar by the EU for manipulating search results. Alexa rank = 28 Similarweb rank = 52 developed by microsoft in June 2009.

Using Google you can search images, videos, news, maps. EU team say google had 'abused its dominant position by systematically favoring' it own shopping comparison service. Bing offering three column display format first column for traditional search results, second column shows structured data and in third column data shows provides from twitter and facebook.

Poly Meta is an intelligent metasearch and clustering engine Public Radio Fan for searching for radio stations.

Qrobe for Google, Yahoo/Bing and Ask Questfinder is a selective web directory Quixey Want apps? for famous and not so famous quotations Quintura for visual search in a word/tag cloud for children. Spacetime 3D looks very similar to Redz; visual search engine Spezify for multisearch visual results Sputtr - lots of tiles for multi searching.

This refines the relevancy between the query and the results page to an unequalled level.

Choose from any of Kart OOs localized search engines for an incomparable user experience.

Search Engines is a web based computer program that find pdf documents, Images, Videos and HTML pages for specified keyword and returns the high quality results of any webpage containing those keywords.

Web engines crawled and indexed the billions of web pages (including Images, Videos, PDF documents much more) and show the results depending upon their importance.

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Kart OO ranks among the most powerful search engines.

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