Speaking of kids, did we mention that Gilbert just welcomed another baby to the family? According to the docs, Gilbert pays for the home and all of the related expenses including the mortgage, property taxes and insurance — totaling to ,000.Allegedly he has a newborn daughter with Lindsay Faulk, ex-wife of NFL Baller Marshall Faulk. Gilbert has been ordered by the court to continue paying, but it’s not specified in the court order who keeps the home, so Gilbert is making the executive decision.

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He captions the post with a colorful remark about how the aforementioned "old" women are probably dating the ESPN announcers and half-court league players.

In 2001, a 20 year old Gilbert was headed to the NBA draft when he meets 22 year old Laura who was working PR for the Sacramento Kings and worked alongside players like Shaquille O'neal and Chris Webber.

Their relationship begins and Gilbert ends up getting drafted to the Golden State Warriors.

If Laura complies, Gilbert will help Laura move and put down the first and last month and security deposit on a new home.

Gilbert has also asked Laura to return the Escalade he pays for and use her child support payments to get her own.

In the alarming emails, which surfaced last fall, Govan accused the former NBA star of stepping out on her with family members, as well as giving her multiple STDs, resulting in her ending their relationship.

The “Basketball Wives” alum took it one step further, when she claimed Arenas arranged to have her former co-star Draya Michele attacked.

I have compiled a timeline of notable highlights in these two coocadoodles' relationship.

Hold on tight because this is going to be a bumpy ride.

Sadly, Gilbert has always been on the right side of dumb.