Rad Async Upload provides a flexible client-side API.You can easily interact with the Rad Async Upload object in the browser using the browser's client-side object.

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appears when the grid has a hierarchical structure.

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It lets the user expand and collapse detail tables in the grid.

The expand column is always placed in front of all other grid content columns unless the grouping is enabled.thanks in advance The Allowed Mime Types property lists the valid MIME types for uploaded files.When the Allowed Mime Types property is set, Rad Upload automatically validates the MIME types of selected files, moving any files with disallowed extensions to the Invalid Files collection.All validators must extend org.validation.validator V2. In addition, they must define an ID, a name, a class where the validator implementation is defined, and some includes and excludes where filter rules are defined. There are two types of groups: Include and Exclude. Filters inside of an Include group cause resources to be validated. Inside of a group the filter rules are ORed together.However, individual Include groups are ANDed together. If any of its filter rules match, then the resource is excluded. After the validator has been added into your plug-in and Rational Application Developer has been restarted, the new validator will be shown ( Windows Validation.Ok so how does that make sure that the file is not larger than 60MB what scripting is behind this?