[ 275, -13] Seems she met Park Choongjae but not Jun Jin.

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A related source said, “During their time on the show, Junjin and Lee Shi Young got to know each other and developed feelings for each other.

Junjin was attracted by Lee Shi Young’s straightforward personality and took the initiative, eventually entering a relationship recently.” A spokesperson from Junjin’s mangement company said, “We have checked with Junjin after hearing about the news, and we understand that they are happily in a romantic relationship right now.” Lee Shi Young had also featured in Junjin’s song “Like A Fool” from his latest mini-album ‘Fascination’, and even appeared in the MV for another track ‘Hey Ya’.

[NOTE: I have 2 different versions here] When rumours of them dating broke out in April, both management companies had denied the rumours.

While Lee Shi Young is busy with promoting her upcoming movie “Ogamdo” and starring in an upcoming MBC drama, Junjin is now busy with his Asia tour and is currently in China for a series of fanmeetings.

The episode of YSMM2 featuring Lee Shi Young will be aired on 29th June. i thought something would have definitely come up between them.....

Source It's great they are in a relationship now but what about the army? I love him, and I don't know her but she's adorable. I was in a six year relationship with a guy, two of those years he was in the Marine Corps so i'm sure they can do couple in their season-next to kangji couple??

Newcomer actress Lee Shi Young – who has become the talk of the town after they announced their relationship on 19th June – spoke about their relationship for the first time on SBS variety show Yashimmanman 2 (YSMM2).

According to a member of the YSMM2 production crew, Lee Shi Young was the guest for the episode of YSMM2 that was recorded on 18th June, and she talked candidly about her relationship with boyfriend Junjin.

[ 154, -4] She met Park Choong Jae but not Jun Jin4.

[ 19, -8] Maybe Jun Jin met a plastic surgery monster who looks like Yoon Jin Yi5.

They both had the present and future in their mind, so they decided to continue what their current projects is, which caused the splitting. Even though Jun Jin was very hot in the “Hey Ya” video and I’d be a lucky gal to snatch this son of a blech, I have to say that it’s very sad to see them break up…