It is thanks to Sasha thinking Anna needs to loosen up that she puts her on Swipe and Anna ends up on a series of dates including the handsome architect Pete (Philipp Karner).

But Anna also discovers how creepy the app is with it telling you how close a crush is, whilst she starts receiving creepy messages from an anonymous user.

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The mother and her two daughters are all blonde, so I knew immediately I would have a hard time telling them apart for the rest of the movie. ” photo from earlier this month.) The movie gives us approximately zero set-up about who these people are before the dad is getting shot to death by some shadowed stranger trying to break into his car.

Then the movie cuts to five years later, and sisters Anna (Anna Hutchison) and Sasha (Karissa Staples, who I was 99% certain was Samaire Armstrong through the whole movie) are both in college even though they look 30 years old.

With good intentions, Sasha creates a profile for Anna on Swipe, a dating app similar to Tinder.

Sasha’s good idea turns bad when a creepy guy starts harassing Anna and ultimately kidnaps her.

, a young woman is cyberstalked on a dating app, and literally every single man in her life (besides her dead father) is a suspect.

So just a friendly Valentine's Day reminder, via Lifetime, that no men are to be trusted and the ones who seem the nicest are the most likely to be killers.

The trouble is that when you strip away the little details such as the ability of cell phones you end up with a typical, modern made for TV stalker movie with a young woman going through the motions of being harassed by a mystery man then taking matters in to her own hands.

It is so typical with sadly some modern over acting and forced creepiness that it becomes a movie which loses your attention.

At first it's quite interesting how she meets different people then begins to suspect them but by the end of the movie I just kind of gave up caring. The cast isn't too memorable so it makes it a bit hard to keep the interest in what's going on and the sisters are a tad similar so it's a bit confusing.